Monday, August 31, 2009

The Fab and Fug at Dressed of the 2009 Daytime Emmys

So there I was, browsing through the pics of last night's Daytime Emmy Awards when suddenly I began to wonder, when did Mattel start manufacturing people? With the exception of a flawless few most of these bitches are plastic as hell. No matter how old the men or women were, all of them had the same cookie cutter, botoxy, silicone valley, Miss America smiling, Max Headroom robotic thing going on. And to be truthful, it definitely gives me the heebie jeebies. You know how in horror movies like "Chucky" and "Dead Silence" the puppet will come to life giving you that "Imma kill you" gaze right before it attacks? Yeah, well, that's the vibes these soap opera employees are giving me, and me no likey.
However while most of the peeps gave me the creeps some of them showed up looking like a thousand bucks. (I'd say a million but their salaries aren't that high. Daytime is like the redheaded stepchild of television, but I digress.) Anyway without further ado I give to you my choices for the Best and Worst dressed at the daytime Emmys. Feel free to share your thoughts on the ensembles in the comments below!
Best Dressed Woman: Michelle Stafford

Worst Dressed Woman: Lesley-Anne Down

Dishonorable Mention: Lena Baurley

Best Dressed Man: John Wineglass

Worst Dressed Man: Winsor Harmon

Most Gorgeous Pregnant Lady:

Best Use of Color: Emily O'Brien

Ye 'Ole Fugliest Renaissance Costume:

Hottest Stems on a Senior: TIE!
Jeanne Cooper

Mary Magdalene Judith Chapman

Cutest Couple: Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

Scariest Couple: Stacy Haiduk and this stuffed cat

Sexiest Endothermic Aves: The Notorious B.I.G. Bird

Freshest Face: Rachael Ray

Best Hair: This girl

Honorable Mention: Jennie Garth

Worst Hair/Biggest Hot Mess: Sandra Lee

The Rest:


Daners Isadora is Lindsay's Spy Girl Name said...

Have you ever seen "Better Off Ted"? Portia is funny as hell on that show and makes me remember why I heart her so.

I saw that stuffed cat yesterday on DListed and it creeped the fuck outta me.

What's Kelly from 90210 doing there? I hate her face ever since the bitch stole Dylan from Brenda. And yes, I can hold a grudge

Mrs. M. said...

i was wondering the same thing about Jennie Garth. It's sad when he is one of the biggest star in attendance.
And i havent seen Better Off Ted though i want to! I have yet t see any commericals for it so i never know when it comes on. Is it an ABC show? i bet it is. Those bastards never promoted Pushing Daisies the greatest show ever in the history of the world. if its not a shitty disposable reality show it seems they cant be bothered.

Daners Isadora is Lindsay's Spy Girl Name said...

I'm not sure, I think it is an ABC show. I just downloaded the first season for the hell of it and I loved it. Of course, that probably means it'll be canceled. I hate TV networks.

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