Monday, August 17, 2009

Jennifer Aniston in September's Elle

Ok so there I was, checking out some new photos from Jennifer Aniston's editorial in the September issue of Elle, when suddenly I come across a barrage of fashion snobs dissing the actress not for her talent, but because she is "ugly". Flat out. Some bitch even had the nerve to say "I hope I look that ugly when I'm old". Oh honey. You don't have to wait until you're old. I'm sure the fug fairy already dropped a big bucket of wrong all over your face years ago, which is why you are hating so hard on Jenny. Don't get me wrong, I have talked a lot of shit in my days, but that's all about things people can change. Their hair, their clothes, their attitude, that sort of thing. However I do not like to see my fellow females cutting down good ol' Jennifer Aniston. Say what you will about her love life, but if there was one female celebrity I could sit down and smoke a joint with while enjoying a tasty plate of chips and salsa and dishing over Project Runway it would definitely be Jenny. I don't care what she does, unless it involves simultaneously running over the elderly while screaming at puppies and protesting gay marriage I will love her until my dying day.
Anyway here's more of my homegirl looking all shades of fabulous in the September issue of Elle. I'm really loving the beachy Calfornia girl look she has become synonymous with. Silencio the haters, girl. You are fabufuckingless and I heart you.


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