Thursday, August 27, 2009

Juliette Lewis Vs. Drew Barrymore

What could be more awesome than Juliette Lewis and Drew Barrymore in the new issue of Vs.? Why Juliette Lewis and Drew Barrymore in the new issue of Vs. shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. In case you do not know, in addition to worshiping the ground Juliette walks on I find EVU to be the most talented, the most visionary, and the most entertaining photographer of our time. Her work is always cheeky, always sexy and always fun-much like Drew and Juliette.
Joining the duo for this photoshoot is Ellen Page, their costar in the upcoming movie "Whip It". The film stars the three ladies as roller derby divas who love dressing fly, kicking ass and taking names. Although I am not a fan of Page's I am pretty psyched to see this film. With all those goddamn Judd Apatow abominations it's about time we start seeing some strong comedic female leads on screen. Rounding out the cast for "Whip It" is the hilarious Kristen Wiig and none other than THE most balls out woman in Hollywood Zoe Bell. You might recognize her as the daredevil from "Death Proof", but Zoe has actually stared in over 20 productions including Xena: Warrior Princess, both volumes of "Kill Bill" and "Inglorious Basterds".
In addition to pics from the mag I've also posted the official trailer for "Whip It". Juliette Lewis, ass kicking roller derby, costumes, names like "Babe Ruthless" AND a sountrack that boasts "Peaches"?!? Fuck Yes. I am all over this film.


Keith said...

I can't wait for this movie. It sounds so awesome. Plus I love Juliette and Drew both so much.

Mrs. M. said...

Me too-and Drew is such an inspiration. I think the only child star to wind up more successful than her is Ron Howard. She's still got plenty of years to outdo him though!

Colette Lala said...

SO excited about Whip It! My friend in Baltimore is always bugging me to go to the roller berby with her to check out the chicks. I might have to start going from now on. Those chicks are bad ass.

Love love love EVU! Didn't she shoot that spread in French Vogue, the one where they shot all the big models with zero photoshopping?

Mrs. M. said...

You should definitely go! And isn't Baltimore the best? Sometimes I miss the crap out of that city. In fact downtown B-more is where I first learned to drive. My driver's ed teacher took me downtown right before an Orioles game and was like "Go!" It was scary but after that I knew I could drive through anything.

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