Friday, August 21, 2009


Oh for fuck's sake, would someone please do me an enormous favor and smack the slut out of Lily Allen? The attention seeking famewhore was spotted yesterday in a completely sheer see-through top while enjoying a cricket game at the Oval in London. And just in the offchance that people in the nearby seats were not staring at her enough, she made a point to stand at attention ensuring that everyone would have a good peak at her naughty bits. For crying out loud if this is what the bitch wears to a family oriented cricket game I'd hate to see what she wears at a funeral or a wedding.
Look, by now I think you all know that I am no prude. However, there is a time and a place for everything. And a G rated cricket game is not the place to dress like you're dancing for dollars at a back alley strip club. What I dislike even more than public displays of desperate attention seeking is a coke fueled party princess having to show some skin to get noticed. I got news, if that's the only way you can get people to look at you, you are clearly doing something if not everything wrong. The female body is a beautiful thing, but someone like Lily who has tons of little girls looking up to her going topless at a public event just perpetuates the idea that girls need to be sexual to be noticed. I think I speak for all the sane women of the world when I say sit your ass down ho. You're giving those of us with a vagina AND a brain a bad effing name. I mean what's next? E-list pop stars fucking in the middle of the field to promote their shitty new album. Honestly.


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