Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Marisa Tomei Models for "Boy" Brand

Wow. When it comes to Marisa Tomei I must admit, she has never really been on my radar. Even though she's pretty and talented and has seemingly been around forever, I've never really paid much mind. However these bare bones polaroids of the actress taken by Scott Sternberg have me sitting up and taking notice. Sternberg, who is known for shooting the campaigns for his line Boy by Band of Outsiders sans hair, makeup and lights, shot the actress for his Fall 2009 campaign last Thursday at the Chateau Marmont and Bar Marmont in Los Angeles. Tomei follows in the footsteps of other indie faves such as Kirsten Dunst and Michell Williams who have both modeled for the brand in the past. I'm guessing the popularity of The Wrestler made her the perfect choice for Sternberg who really seems to admire the quite confidence in a woman.
On a seperate note, is it just me or is Marisa giving maaajah Mary Louise Parker vibes in these shots? I had never noticed the similarity between the two before, but now the resemblance seems uncanny. And make no mistake, I mean that as the highest of compliments. I can only hope and pray to look half as good and be an iota as cool as these women in my mid forties. In fact if you ask me, Hollywood should really take a good hard look at both ladies and follow suit. This is the face of flawlessness. And flawlessness has not had her face, tits and stomach hacked into like she's a goddamn extra from "Hostel".


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