Friday, August 14, 2009

Milla Jovovich is Magnificent in Maxim

You know what I find really interresting? How women react to other women. Take Megan Fox for example. Most femmes I have spoken with not only can't stand her, but they kind of want to throw rotten tomatoes at her and slap her across those implanted cheekbones of hers. However, when it comes to Milla Jovovich, who is arguably more talented and more beautiful, ladies not only like her, they root for her. They want to see her succeed. Why is that? Perhaps because Milla may use her beauty, but does not ground it into your face with quotes like "Everyone wants to fuck me-including your mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, aunt, uncle, future great-great grandchildren and your pet goldfish. They all want me. Their brains may say no, but their genitals say yes, yes yes." For all the poo-pooing Megan does about women not liking her, she sure doesn't seem too eager to build bridges. Which is going to be a damn shame because those looks of hers aren't going to last forever, nor will her fleeting fanboys who will surely become disloyal once someone hotter and more foul mouthed comes along.
But for every ten Megans, you have one Milla. A girl's girl. Someone who knows enough to cater to all those hormonal boys out there while not ostracizing the female population. After all, we do count for 50% of movie, magazine and video sales. In the words of the great Tyler Durden, "Do not fuck with us." Because then when your hair goes gray and your skin starts to sag and the ol gray mare just ain't what she used to be, we won't point and laugh. We'll welcome you into our homes and into our hearts just as we did with the beautiful Helen Mirren, the magnificent Catherine Deneuve or the actors of all actors, Meryl Streep.
So in closing, ostrascising women is career suicide, Milla Jovovich is beautiful as ever in this month's Maxim magazine, and the sky is still blue. Class sismissed.


Daners Isadora is Lindsay's Spy Girl Name said...

I have always loved this chick. She's freaking awesome.

BTW, you have been nominated

Mrs. M. said...

Thanks so much! That means a lot coming from a brilliant writer such as yourself!

Keith said...

She is so incredibly hot.

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