Friday, August 28, 2009

Mischa Barton Breaks Silence on Breakdown

Mischa Barton, star of the upcoming television series "The Beautiful Life" is opening up about her recent involuntary order to undergo psychiatric evaluation. While some have speculated that her breakdown was a result of drug abuse, Mischa is claiming that it all began from a botched dental surgery. In a recent interview with Time Out New York, the actress details her ordeal. "Here's what happened:" explains Mischa. "Before the show started, I was traveling abroad for contract stuff and I went through a terrible surgery -- a wisdom tooth surgery, all four removed. It was a nightmare. I've never had surgery before -- it all went wrong and I had to have a second surgery and it almost delayed shooting because it was a nightmare to me, because I couldn't deal with the thought of not getting there on time. So with the travel, and surgery and prep for the show -- it was hell."
"I went through a tough spot where everything compounded on me, and it was like a perfect storm, like everything was happening to me at once. The show, travel and then this fairly routine surgery that went wrong," she told the mag. "It's still just healing. But I had to get through it without proper painkillers because I couldn't take those during work. So it's been a nightmare."
When asked how she ended up in a psychiatric hospital, Mischa said it had a lot to do with stress. "I was down in the dumps about everything there for a while," she said. "Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom about things and have to get the most stressed-out just to feel better again. I got completely stressed-out and couldn't handle everything, and now I feel really in control."
When asked if a nervous breakdown led her to the hospital, Mischa said pain played a role. "I don't know. I don't know. I had a friend who had a quasi-nervous breakdown, but I'm not sure it's the same thing," she said. "I'm not sure I'm capable of a full-on nervous breakdown, but it was pretty bad. It didn't last that long. It was more about the pain. I have a newfound respect for people who have chronic pain. I started getting migraines."
Part of the problem she claims, is that her doctors did not teach her proper pain management. "The doctor told me I was lucky I didn't lose feeling in my lips and face, which would have been horrifying and couldn't act properly." she said. Mischa also revealed that it was her mother who admitted her involuntarily to the hospital, by nodding and rolling her eyes, when asked that question by Time Out. "The funny thing is, if all this happened in New York, no one would care," she added.
I have a soft spot in my heart for those battling mental instability and addiction, therefore I'm going to try not to talk about what an awful actress Mischa is and instead focus on her committment to wellness. If I positively had to say something nice about the actress (who I normally despire) I suppose I'd applaud how candid and open she is about the ordeal. Honestly, who doesn't lose their shit now and again? Besides, her opening up about it may help some younger people who might have felt embarrased about getting help. Addictiona and depression are nothing to be ashamed of. However bad acting is. Here's hoping Mischa has gotten the help she needs. Including acting classes. Too mean? If so I'm sorry. In an effort to balance things out I will say although I don't think she can act for shit, girl can give major face in a photoshoot. She may not be actress of the year, but she is one hell of a model.


Keith said...

I know what you mean. My family has had a history of mental illness. I've suffered my own problems in the past. It's a constant battle to this day at times. I wish her the best.

Mrs. M. said...

I can definitely relate. Because of my own experiences with it I think anyone that talks openly about their problems is extremely brave. I may not like Mischa but I respect her cojones to come out and talk about it publicly. Because of your own struggle with it I wish you the best as always Keith!

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