Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Lifelike Than the Real Thing

Remember when Creepy McCreeperson Noel Cruz made THIS lifelike Barbie doll version of Angelina Jolie? Well it seems like Noel isn't the only prevert in town. A new doll in the likeness of Megan Fox is in the works by not one, but TWO manufacturers. This doll, being sold on ebay, has a starting bid of $150. It's manufacted by Ooaks, which is most likely Chinese for "Get a fucking life." No word yet on whether the purchase price covers her vaccinations and monthly Valtrex prescription, but I'm thinking it doesn't.
In addition to selling Megan Fox dolls Ooaks also hocks Angelina Jolie replicas, such as this monstrosity:

Talk about busted! Bitch looks like a repeat offender who is on parole for meth distribution and hooking. In fact I'm willing to bet that Angelina HOlie here trades the tricks for two Camel lights, a pack of Bartles & Jaymes or one Wet & Wild lipliner in "I'll Cut a Bitch Brown."
There's also another Megan Fox doll in the works, as pictured above. Of the two brands that doll is admittedly the more realistic of the two. However I'm still willing to bet that the doll has less plastic and more intellect than the real thing.


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