Monday, August 24, 2009

Old Man Hefner's Wifey Sues Him for $5 Million

Imagine you're Hugh Hefner's wife. Your older than air husband regularly does the sex with barely legal relatives that at one time shared a uterus, can't eat anything that hasn't been puréed first and makes a living off photoshopping botoxed snatch for a living. Bet you're wondering what can possibly make a wife like that mad, huh? Well wonder no further because the answer (if you haven't already guessed it) is money. Here's the score: OMH and wife Kimberly Conrad were hitched back in 1989. The couple split about 9 years later, but never bothered to get a divorce. (Honestly the man hasn't gotten out of his pajamas in 3 decades, what makes you think he's going to be bothered to sign some papers??) Although both parties signed a prenup before the big day, upon seperation they created a clause to the decree, guaranteeing Kimberly a whole bunch of money. Additionally, she has been living in a big ass house right off the Playboy mansion grounds with the couple's teen sons for the past ten years. However now that both boys are past the age of 18, Hefner has decided to see the house and has given Kimberly's ass 9 months to GTFO. Needless to say this news did not sit well with wifey, and she is taking OMH to court for $5 million.
But if you think Hef is going to just sit back and watch Matlock reruns while wifey makes off with his cash, think again. Hef tells TMZ: "I was surprised and saddened to learn of press reports that Kimberly Hefner, from whom I have been separated for over 10 years, has apparently filed suit claiming that I owe her $5 million. Because neither I nor my attorneys have seen the suit I cannot comment on any of the specific allegations. However, contrary to what has been reported, I have always honored all of my obligations to Kimberly, and in fact I have provided her with substantial funds in excess of the agreed upon amount, and well in excess of any amount suggested or required under California law. I am quite confident that when all the facts are known it will become clear that all of my financial obligations throughout the marriage have been generously dealt with."
As much as I think Hef is a skeeze (he IS dating chicks that are his sons age), I think I have to agree with him on this one. Yes I know the two aren't divorced but if you ask me 10 years is more than a sufficient amount of time to take care of someone. Hef paid her way for the duration of their children's childhood. Now that the kids are grown (and old enough to be dating an 83 year old of their own) he doesn't really have an obligation to continue to support her. It's probably time she finds another meal ticket, don't you think?
Oh, and lulz at that picture above. Blake and Crystal Carrington live!


Keith said...

I definitely don't think he owes her a dime. He's looked after her ever since they separated. Even though they've never divorced, I think it's time she starts taking care of herself.

Mrs. M. said...

i totally agree. if you ask me he was being pretty generous. She DID sign a prenup. He didn't have to go and put those clauses in after they separated.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Hef has the money honey but in any case maybe she should get a job like the rest of us.
After all, Holly has a job, Kendra has a job, Carrie Leigh is a major publisher there must be something for Kimberly. Oh I forgot she did get a job she just forgot to get paid. Great hooker there.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Professor Watt's book, which was really not worth the time or money, but this does not seem like the Hugh Hefner Watt's painted. In the book Hef is a generous kind gracious man who takes care of his women. I guess when you buy a mid west professor they will write anything you want.
Can't wait for the trial and then see Hugh Hefner out of the closet.

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