Thursday, August 27, 2009

Parker Posey Diagnosed with Lyme Disease

Indie queen Parker Posey has had to quit the off-Broadway play she was scheduled to star in because of a nasty bout with Lyme Disease. Yes you heard me correctly. Lyme Disease. As in that thing that ticks can give you. The 40 year old was all set to play the lead in "This", a show about a poet who is a single mother, however after being diagnosed with the disease she has had to withdrawl for obvious medical reasons.
Although the illness is treatable, symptoms can be harsh. In the early stages, those infected experience flu-like symptoms and a rash . As it progresses and goes untreated, patients can develop severe and chronic symptoms that affect many parts of the body, including the brain, nerves, eyes, joints and heart.

Lyme disease definitely falls under the category of obscure illnesses that are so rare none of us think we could possibly be misfortunate enough to catch it. However it is much more common than you might assume. In fact one of my girlfriends had to be treated for it just a month ago. She was doing some landscaping in the woods behind her house and unbeknownst to her a tiny little tick friend attached to the back of her leg and infected her. So let this be a lesson kiddies-just because you think you can't get something doesn't mean you're immune. Here's hoping Parker's fierce ass has a speedy recovery!


Colette Lala said...

Oh no! I love Parker Posey with a passion. Who can forget her in PARTY GIRL? "He... He... Hello!"

Lyme Disease is bad news. Remember that chick on Real World Seattle who left the show cuz her Lyme Disease made her insane in the membrane?

My dog passed away from Lyme Disease. Horrible. Completely attacked his kidneys.

From now on no one should ever go outside again. Just stay in and watch reality tv. That's my advice.

mdeals said...

Indian queen Paker Posey who one forget her....but such a bad news she is suffered from Lyme disease...

Mrs. M. said...

OMG that is TERRIBLE news Colette! I am so sorry to hear about your precious pup. I love my dogs to pieces so I can only imagine what that was like for you. My condolences!

Keith said...

Good luck to her. I've known a couple of people who suffered from it. It wasn't a pretty scenario at all. I hope she gets better soon.

Mrs. M. said...

wow I guess it is more common than I originally thought.

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