Monday, August 10, 2009

Peaches Drops New Video for Serpentine, Has You Staring at Her Ass and Her Beard and Her Mustache

One of my favoritest artists in the whole world Peaches has just unveiled the newest video for her latest single "Serpentine (I Don't Give a...Part 2)" off her recently released album "I Feel Cream". This is the fourth video from the record which dropped May 4th, and by the looks of things it won't be the last. Let me be the first to suggest "Trick or Treat" as the next single. Or maybe "Mommy Complex". Or perhaps "Relax". Ah hell, she might as well just do a video for every song. The album is so good choosing a single is a near impossible feat.

Oh, and I seriously don't think Peaches has ever done a video that has cost more than $10 including tax. Except for Downtown and mayyyyybe "Kick It". Speaking of which, let's kick it old school to the tune of her dueting with Iggy Pop. The sweet, sweet sounds of mayhem and zombie slaying. I love it.


Keith said...

Great clips. I hadn't seen either of these before.

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