Monday, August 31, 2009

Peaches Drops New Video for "Take You On"

OMG ya'll! I think Peaches' latest video "Take You On" off her recently released album "I Feel Cream" actually cost more than $15 to make! It had to have had a budget of at least double that. My girl P, moving up in the world and getting all fancy. I could not be more proud *tears*!
Also a lot of people have been dissing this video, using words like "Horrible" and "fucking awful" to describe it. However I have to disagree. It may not be my favorite, but I love the nods to her earlier looks in "Fatherfucker" and "Impeach my Bush".

I will admit this is my least favorite song off the album. She should have chosen "Trick or Treat", "Mommy Complex" or "Show Stopper". Here's hoping she gets to whipping up something for those gems on the double!


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