Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ryan Kwanten is GQ Jaw Dropping

If you watch "True Blood" this shirtless dude needs no introduction. If however you are not a fan of the HBO series, then you must either 1.) not get HBO 2.) live in the Andes where Time Warner does not service or 3.) suck. In the event that you fall in one of those three categories I feel it is my God given duty on this Earth to introduce you to Ryan Kwanten, the fine ass fox that plays the dumb but oh-so-pretty Jason Stackhouse on the hit series. Although Jason Ryan does spend some of his time delivering lines, most of his fans don't bother listening to the words that spring forth from his mouth because they are too busy gawking at his body to worry about unimportant things like storylines. Personally I have to give it up to Ryan and HBO. A majority of nudity-whether on the small or big screen-traditionally focuses on females but not True Blood. Oh no. They have broken the mold and now dudes can proudly say that they are being equally as exploited as their female counterparts. That's one small step for man, one giant orgasm for womenkind. Or something like that. Anyway here's Jason Ryan shirtless and looking mighty delicious in the latest issue of GQ. You don't have to thank me. Knowing that I have made your netheregions tingle makes it all worthwhile. I mean, he doesn't make me get all fluttery (I've got enough hotness in one man to suffice), but I get it.


Ms. Case said...

I have never seen this man. I want him. Where are the man like this in the real world?? for the love!

Mrs. M. said...

Ooh darling you should check out season 1 of True Blood! He's basically nekkid the entire time.

Anonymous said...

omg Ryan is soooo hot, you can tell hes big everywhere, if you chatch me drift ;)

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