Sunday, August 9, 2009

Would You Rather: Kate Moss or Lily Allen

In this instance I'm not asking who you would love to share a bottle of Pinot and a romantic evening with. I'm asking who you would rather bitchslap: Lily Allen or Kate Moss. The two skinny minis were spotted hanging together in St. Tropez this weekend, laughing, swimming and sunning it up on a yacht while flashing their non-breasteses. Personally I if I had to choose I think I'd rather have a go at Kate Moss. However I'd be afraid hitting her in the face would result in it raining coke debris from her nose for forty days and forty nights. In fact if I'm not mistaken that's one of the signs of the appocalypse. First are the four horsemen, then come the seven seals, then there's the Noah like flood of amphetamines which will cause destruction, loss of inhibitions and disco dancing all across the land. Then, when everyone's coming down and getting all pissy pants, a third world war will break out. And it will all be Kate Moss' fault. Thanks a lot Kate. And we thought global warming was going to be the downfall of our civilization.

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