Saturday, August 22, 2009

Your Weekly Peaches Roundup

Perhaps this is not the most exciting news ye have ever heard, but for me the announcement of Peachestv is more exciting than a barrell full of money spontaneously showing up on my doorstep. Ok, so it might not be quite that exciting, but nevertheless I am pretty damn jazzed. And while we're at it I thought I'd drop some new interviews with my favorite artist in the world including a one on one with Face Culture and Nine Things You Didn't Know About Peaches as found in Time Out Magazine. I fucking adore this woman. You just don't even know. I think she might be the only celebrity I would pee myself over seeing in person.
Announcement of Peachestv AND Official Peaches Blog

New Interview with Face Culture

Nine Things You Did Not Know About Peaches' Hot Ass
She’s pretty sporty. (And probably lying.)
‘I’m a professional water-skier actually, barefoot especially. I’ve won trick ski awards. I do the helicopter really well.’

She recently popped into a lesbian karaoke bar in Portland
‘I sang “Endless Love”. I like to look into the eyes of the other person singing and mean it.’

Wardrobe malfunctions do not faze her.
‘All wardrobe malfunctions are acceptable even when I jizz my pants. And that’s really difficult because I have a naked suit on, you know, no underwear, just naked, so there you go.’

Ageing appears to be an elitist club
‘I feel sorry for anyone under 40 and because you’re not 40 you don’t know what it’s like. I can’t tell you why it’s a closed club. I’ve learnt from my Freemason parents how to keep quiet.’

Peaches never got to meet the most influential person in her life. She’s dead
‘Gilda Radner, she’s an American [‘Saturday Night Live’] comedian from the ’70s and she’s fantastic.’

She must have driven her mother mad
‘I constantly got lost as a child and it was something I really enjoyed doing. I’d get lost and they would have to call my name on the PA in supermarkets and my mom would have to come get me and I wouldn’t want to leave. Not that I didn’t love my mom, but I just love getting lost.’

In fact, she loved getting lost so much that she thought she’d make it part of her life goals
‘What I wanted to be when i grew up was a runaway to the point where I would ask my mom what I should pack if I left home.’

One item in her home is something of a talking point
‘The most interesting thing in my house is the [British artist] Sarah Lucas tongue chair. There’s only one ever made and it just licks your pussy as it goes around. It’s a piece of art, a masturbation tool, not functional furniture.’

Self-pleasing furniture apart, dinner round hers is quite a treat
‘Hot Pussy is my specialty. Don’t tell the animal rights people.’
And just because this is my favorite song at the moment, the video for "Slippery Dick". A five dollar budget production video, a homage to Divine & John Waters AND Peaches? This is what my heaven would look like. If I were going. Which I'm pretty sure I'm not.


Keith said...

Hey there. I hope you've having a wonderful weekend. I've given you an award in my new post at my Dino Lounge blog. Cheers!

Mrs. M. said...

Thanks Keith! I really appreciate it. You know I feel the exact same about you and your amazing sites.

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