Thursday, September 24, 2009

Amanda Seyfried in October's GQ

Poor Amanda Seyfried. She's in the October issue of GQ and what do you think they want to talk with her about? Her work as a dramatic actress in "Big Love"? Her singing skills in "Mama Mia"? Her role as gigglebot Karen in "Mean Girls"? Hell no! All GQ wants to babble about is her much hyped kiss with costar Megan Fox in the Courtney Love Diablo Cody movie "Jennifer's Body. Although she obliges them by giving them details on the smooch (saying “A lot of people in the world want to make out with Megan Fox, and she’s good. She has a lot of lips. We both have a lot of lips. It was very feminine.”), it seems like she's only doing so out of pure obligation and annoyance. Like she figures she might as well politely answer the question because she knows it will just take longer to try and avoid the question rather than simply just answering it. If I wer her however, I would be finding it monumentally difficult to not go ape shit on every reporter that insisted upon asking me the same question time after time, interview after interview. I mean, what the hell do they expect her to say about kissing Megan Fox? Or any costar for that matter? That their breath smelled? That she would rather scrape her eyeballs on sanpaper? Of course she's going to say it was lovely. That's what actors do. They pretend to like people. It's their job. Hence the name "actors".
Anyway the article may be redundant but the pics are still cute. So here they are for your enjoyment.


Keith said...

I would get so tired of answering the same questions. Most reporters ask the same things as everybody else. I do love these photos. She's so gorgeous.

Lindsay a.k.a. Busty St. Clair said...

She's so adorable. And she's a rocking actress. It sucks the interviewers have to be so lame.

LadyGaga said...

lame interviewers make me want to sleep.

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