Monday, September 28, 2009

Ask Men's Top Ten Action Babes

By now you guys should know if there are two things I love it's strong women and lists. Luckily shares an affinity for both of those things, hence this morning's post. Writers over at the mag have compiled a sweet list of the top ten action babes ever to kick major ass on film. Most of the selections are no brainers-especially due to the rising popularity of fierce female leads in both television and movies. Carrie-Ann Moss naturally made the list thanks in part to her turn as Trinity in the Matrix trilogy. Kate Beckinsale also ranked in the top ten because of her roles in the Underworld series and Van Helsing. However while I love this list because it gives a shout out to independent, capable women, perhaps what I adore most about this top ten is how many Oscar winning actresses it features. Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie have all been bestowed with the highest Hollywood honor for their roles in dramatic movies. Say what you will about any of the ladies on this list, but I think it's pretty damn cool that these days actresses can diversify so freely. It wasn't so long ago that women on film couldn't dare be the hero, save the day, or rescue themselves. Now not only can they kick ass, but are being offered meaty roles that rival that of today's leading male stars. Sure women still have a ways to go, but with such bad asses blazing the trail it should be no time before gender specific heroes are a thing of the past.
Anyway, here are the top ten action babes according to askmen. You wouldn't want to cross them in a dark alley! Or would you...
10.) Carrie-Ann Moss
9.) Summer Glau
8.) Halle Berry
7.) Michelle Rodriguez
6.) Kate Beckinsale
5.) Jessica Alba
4.) Uma Thurman
3.) Milla Jovovich
2.) Charlize Theron
1.) Angelina Jolie


LadyGaga said...

ANGELINA JOLIE IS my girl crush. we are both geminis ^.^ She's awesome.

Slacker. Chic, read my new post on tyra bank. :P

Stephanie said...

Love Michelle Rodriguez. She is definitely my fav from this list. She is fabulous. :)

Keith said...

I love these women. Uma would be my top choice though. I really love Kate as well.

Madam Miaow said...

In the beauty stakes, Ange leaves the others standing. But watched Mr & Mrs Smith last night and we were disappointed with her acting — never seen a pout chew up the scenery like that before.

Uma definitely first for me.

Anyhow, you’ve just won the “Honest Scrap” award. More at mine. A x

Mrs. M. said...

Michelle is probably my favorite out of this list too, Stephanie. She is such a bad ass!
And thanks so much MM for your high honor. It means so much to hear good things from other writers you admire so greatly.

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