Sunday, September 6, 2009

Complex Magazine Celebrates Small Ta-tas

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Complex Magazine may be on my eternal shitlist thanks to THIS disgusting piece of work, but I will say one thing for the mag: they are equal opportunity exploiters. Case in point, every week their website hosts "Fetish Fridays", a day in whenst to celebrate a certain type of lady they are digging. This week they are saluting the hottest members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee (or IBTC, as I so affectionately like to call it). So here it is, Complex's top choices for the sessiest mammas who don't need to go injecting ten pounds of silicone into their torso to feel hot. So what do you think guys? Which of these ladies do you think has the most bangin' bod? Me, I'd have to choose Sasha Grey. There's just something about a dark and mysterious chick that doesn't give an eff. Then again, you should already know that about me by now.
Top Ten
10.) Keira Knightley
9.) Grace Park
8.) Annalynn McCord
7.) Olivia Munn
6.) Freida Pinto
5.) Kristen Bell
4.) Natalie Portman
3.) Alicia Keys
2.) Sasha Grey
1.) Cassie


moohammed said...

I will take Ms Grace Park please.

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