Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eva Longoria Gets Edged Out for Citizen K Magazine

Let me start by saying that unlike a lot of women, I really like Eva Longoria-Parker. Not only is she cute as a button, but she's my favorite player on Desperate Housewives. In fact, I can't understand why the woman gets so much flack. I have never seen her act a diva or do anything out of line and inappropriate. Eva is a sexy little leprechaun and I adore everything about her-especially these new pics of her in Citizen K magazine! Normally when we see the actress she is glammed up or dressed down. We've rarely seen her get all edged out like she is here in CK's Autumn issue. Although the editorial looks uncannily familiar to
Kim Kardashian's spread in YRB, when it comes to modeling and connecting with the camera Eva does a much better job. And I'm loving the Liza meets Robert Palmer video girl styling they've gussed her up in. Just tell me she doesn't look like she's about to bust out a moving rendition of "All That Jazz" while doing the charleston and shaking her tail feather.


Anonymous said...

That does not look like Eva Longeria Parker... is that her? lol

Keith said...

These are awesome. Definitely a different look for her.

Mrs. M. said...

Yeah I'm not sure if that's the best look for her, but it's a cute temporary change!

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