Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gwen Stefani in October's Glamour

When women my age think rock royalty, one name comes to mind every time. And that name of course is the beautiful, the talented, the fashionable, Mrs. Gwen Stefani. The singer, who recently reunited with No Doubt, talks to the October issue of Glamour magazine about her sense of style, being a mom and how wierd it is to be famous.
On where her style came from: The whole Tragic Kingdom thing started with Disneyland, which I grew up near. I loved everything from Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music to Bob Marley to ska bands. A little bit English, a little bit rock.
On her favorite designers: I love Vivienne Westwood. So much. Every time I go to London, first thing I do is go in there. It’s ridiculous! She just knows—her line always evolves. It’s the same and yet always different. I also love John Galliano. I like the mixture of his kookiness and the straight-up craft.
On the beginnings of her superstardom: Well, that was weird too. But yeah, I came home (to her parent's house), and I remember walking in the house, and the entire dining room table was filled with layers and layers and layers of things for me to autograph that people had given to my parents. I was like, “What am I supposed to do with all this?”... My poor parents—they didn’t know what to do. And then I went into my bedroom with my single bed. I remember getting under my covers…thinking, Oh my God, who am I?
On being surprisingly normal in an industry that's anything but: Maybe my crazy time is coming up. Let’s see what happens. Maybe I’m just a late bloomer. But I think it’s also just my nature. I was thinking today when I was driving, How am I going to make sure that Kingston never does anything bad and doesn’t get arrested? I was thinking, How did I stay out of trouble? And I know it’s just ‘cause my parents are so strict. I mean, I’m still scared of them. [Laughs.]
On her advice to fans: I’ve never been good at giving advice. The only advice I ever gave people was to find something that you are passionate about. But I hate giving advice, because, who am I? I’m just a girl. I was like anybody else. Do you think that I ever thought I would be doing this right now? No! Never, never, never, never.


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Keith said...

Great pictures. She is so beautiful and stylish. I adore her.

Jay Amabile said...

yeah totally..I'm in love with her. thanks for posting these pictures. I saw this in the grocery store but felt silly buying the mag.

Mrs. M. said...

im totally amazed that she has had the lengthy career she's had and yet not one bad word has been uttered about her private or professional life. That kind of adoration is unheard of, but deserving.

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