Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Harper's Bazaar Ages Leighton Meester in the Name of Fashion

What happens when you take one of the cutest young actresses in Hollywood and progressively age her for a photo shoot? Why a blueprint for fashion that any woman, regardless of her age can seamlessly follow. Beginning with the 20's Harper's Bazaar uses Leighton to show fast and easy ways to dress your age without having to compromise chicness. It's so funny because often it seems that when women hit a certain age they either go in one of two direction: The Lauren Bacall, classy, elegant and sophisticated road, or the Jeanne Bice , holiday sweater wearing, bedazzled sweatband rocking, elastic waist mom jeans sporting road of no return. I love that Harper's is showing women of every age that you can look sleek and still be age appropriate. With the simple addition of pearls and a dramatic collar a can go from sassy to sexy in no time flat. And of course, no outfit is complete without a glowing smile like the one Leighton wears so well. Or, if you're like me a bitchy scowl will do just fine.

Also I couldn't mention Jeanne Bice without posting this:

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Keith said...

Great photos. I so love Leighton.

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