Monday, September 21, 2009

House, Heroes Premiere New Season Tonight

First things first, in case you still care Heroes will be premiering it's fourth season tonight on NBC at 8pm. The show pretty promises with cherries on top that this year will be better than the total crapfests they have burdened us with over the last couple of years. Do I believe their empty promises to be more entertaining, more engaging and just plain better? No. No I do not. Heroes has basically been saying sorry for losing their season 1 mojo for years now so excuse me if I have a tendency to believe they are a bunch of lazy liars talking out their asses. Iwill believe the awesome when I see it. Until then I'm going under the assumption that they sitll suck until proven otherwise.
In other, more awesome news, season 6 of House also premieres toight at 8 on Fox. Unlike Heroes, House has proven itself to be a steady source of entertainmnt so when they say this season is going to rule, I believe them. As you may recall, last season ended with a virtual mindfuck and House checking himself into a psychiatric hospital. This episode will revolve around his time in the institution and focus on his battle to beat the vicodin. I can't wait to see tune in to both shows, though I will most definitely be tivoing Heroes. In a battle of the "H's", House will win every time. Besides, House is my husband's most favorite thing on the planet (besides me of course). To deny them ratings would be to commit a cardinal sin under my roof. And while I can commit many sins unfazed, I can't commit them unto my husband. He is too hot and too amazing to sin against.

Anyway I hope at least one of these shows floats your boat. If you're like me, you probably are just relieved to have a break from the summer of reality television.
UPDATE: FYI, House dominated in the ratings last night with more than 9 million viewers more than Heroes during both hours on the air. The medical drama continued to be one of the highest ratings shows on television captivating a solid 15.76 million viewers in the first hour and a whopping 17.25 in the second hour. For it's part Heroes disappointed yet again despite it's big budget, raking in a mere 6.5 million viewers in the first hour and dropping to an even more pathetic 5.77 million viewers in the second hour. That's 2 million less than the critically acclaimed show "Pushing Daisies" which was canned by ABC because they are a bunch of stingy assholes that care more about spending $5 on another shitty reality show than promoting it's good dramas. Not that the two are directly related. I'm just saying. Heroes can continue to be a money waster without viewers and yet it's in it's 4th season. Explain that to me. No comprende!


Keith said...

Heroes has sucked since the end of the first season. Why in the world I've stuck with it since then I have no clue!?!

Mrs. M. said...

You and me both! That show was so amazing in the first season. Idk what happened! I think they need more HRG, more Adrian Pasdar and less new cast members.

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