Saturday, September 19, 2009

Whiskey Mystics, Men and The Cutest Outfit Ever

Before you ask, no, I was not visited in the middle of the night by a gaggle of Scientologists aliens who hypnotized me and replaced my brain with that of a blind, spirit walking, incense cleansing Jim Morrison. In fact you don't have to be high on Peyote to appreciate this cute little feathery outfit Peaches Geldof wore to the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac show during London fashion week yesterday. The socialite and sometimes model strutted herself on the runway in this one of a kind ensemble, accompanied by the designer himself. As you may recall, Castelbajac is known for his excentric designs, including the infamous yellow, glittery Barack Obama dress we have seen everywhere as well as that outrageous Kermit the Frog coat Lady GaGa recently wore during a television interview. However all of thsoe pale in comparison to my personal favorite which I like to call Crotch eau de Big Bird:
jean-charles de castelbajac lady gaga Pictures, Images and Photos
I don't care what you say. If someone offered you that skirt, you know it would instantly become the most coveted piece of your wardrobe. After all, it's a classic! When I think of timeless elegance, three things comes to mind: Little black dress, the perfect trench, and a screaming Big Bird crotch cover.


Keith said...

Great photo. She's definitely her own girl. She does what she wants.

Mrs. M. said...

she makes such a cute model. i wish more designers would hire women of her shape and size.

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