Thursday, September 24, 2009

If the 2009 VH1 Hip Hop Honors Was High School...

Most Likely to Cause Me to Become a Lesbian and Get My Tubes Tied: Kid Rock

Most Likely to Have Given the Audience a Contact High: Method Man

Best Dressed: Eve

Biggest Panty Dropper: Travis McCoy

Most Likely to Have Gotten an Audience Member Pregnant Simply By Blinking in Their Direction: Flava Flav! (By default because Lil Wayne was not in attendance)

Most Likely to Have Been Droppin' Science, History and a Whole Leap of Style and Intellegency: KRS ONE!

Most Likely to Have Burglarized Rihanna's Closet: Ashanti

Most Likely to Have Stolen That Outfit After Beating a Bitch's Ass for It: Foxy Brown

Most Likely to Have Been Asked "Who the Hell Are You?" on the Red Carpet: Chrisette Michele

Most Likely to Eat Hair: Tracy Morgan (What? He is the strangest individual ever)

Most Likely to Have Heard the Words, "Hey! I Thought You Were Dead!": DJ Jazzy Jeff

Most Creative Alternative to the "Hello My Name Is..." Tag: DJ Scratch

Most Likely to Have Been Asked "Why the Fuck Are You Here???": Brett Ratner

Second Most Likely to Have Been Asked "Why The Fuck Are You Here?": Brett Ratner's totally radical Def Jam Members Only jacket

Best Jazz Hands: Flava Flav


Stephanie said...

Eve looked phenomenal but Flava Flav should have stayed home. UGH

Keith said...

Great photos. So hilarious. You are so right about all of these.

Madam V said...

girlfriend can't come up with her own style? that's a cheap RhiRhi imitation ;p

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