Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Impregnator of Strangers for Dior Hommes

Oh look, it's Jude effing Law. I detest his balding ass. I honestly do. I may give Megan Foxy a pass for being a self centered ego maniac, but the same does not go for Jude Law. Megan may be arrogant, but at least she's arrogant on her own. She doesn't go breaking up houses, sleeping with her kid's nannies and getting strange women whose names she does not even remember pregnant with her follically challenged spawn. Yes, being an arrogant prick is one thing. Being an arrogant prick and involving innocent little babyfaced chitlens is another matter entirely. Ugh, Jude Law. I vom.
Anyway here's a commercial of Donde Esta Mi Pelo for Dior Vom Hommes. I know what cologne I'll be buying for my sexay hubby: Burberry!


Keith said...

I can't stand him.

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