Saturday, September 19, 2009

Megan Fox Sizzles in Rolling Stone

I know by now many of you are probably sick to death of seeing and hearing about Megan Fox, but somehow she has got me by the lady balls and I cannot resist the urge to post about her. Again I'm pretty sure it's some sort of unspoken tattooed bitch code that has me hopelessly devoted to her. Game recognizes game and bitch recognizes bitch so I somehow feel it is my duty as a fellow cunty McBlabbermouth to perpetuate her fame. As if she needs any help in that department.
Anyway here are some pics of Foxy in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Feel free to either oggle or use her face as a target while throwing darts. Depending on how you feel about Foxy (and it does seem like people either feel very strongly one way or another) the choice is up to you.


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