Sunday, September 20, 2009

People Magazine's 10 Best Dressed

Over time, certain celebs have been known for all the wrong things. For Paris it's herpes, for Lindsay it's her firecrotch, and for Taylor Momsen it's...well...something bad is yet to come trust me! On the other hand, women like Beyonce and Cameron Diaz have become well known for all the right things: hit movies, international fame, and perhaps most importantly of all, their style. Who doesn't know that Cameron is a die-hard surfer girl known for her form fitting, body hugging denim? And who can even think about Beyonce without being reminded of her self proclaimed "catwalk meets the sidewalk" style? People magazine is sorting through some of today's hottest women in Hollywood and giving them mad props for the signature looks they have become synonymous with. And while I must admit I agree with almost every choice on this list I'd be remiss if I didn't ask, Donde esta Rihanna??? That girl serves it hard every time she steps foot upon a sidewalk. She's cool and edgy and hip and fun and definitely deserves to be on this list. But whatever. You're always on my best dressed list RiRi!
Anyway, here are the rest of the choices along with People's photos that they have submitted as evidence of said style. Enjoy!
Best Street Chic: Beyonce

Best Short Dress: Reese Witherspoon

Best Red Carpet: Kate Winslet

Best Jeans: Cameron Diaz

Best Accessible Glamour: Michelle Obama

Best Use of Color: Freida Pinto

Best Sparkle: Taylor Swift

Best Maternity Style: Nicole Richie

Best Bikinis: Kim Kardashian

Best Boho Style: Vanessa Hudgens


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