Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quentin Tarantino's 10 Most Legendary Basterds

Anyone that knows me knows that if there is one film maker whose work I enjoy miles more than any other, it's hands down absolutely 100% Quentin Tarantino. The man is a genius who has an eye for what's cool and can create a signature film unlike any other. Sure he may take a little inspiration from cult classics like "Lady Snowblood" and "Way of the Dragon", but when it comes to plotlines and dialog, no one does what Quentin can do. And while I am no doubt a fan of his stylised fight scenes, dramatic camera angles and daring cinematography, what I like best about Quentin is that he is the only person-man or woman-out who is creating strong, three dimensional kick ass roles for women. Staying true to his love for exploitation lady leaders like Pam Grier and J-horror favorite Eihi Shiina, QT is the only one out there showing both genders that when it comes to being on the giving end of a major ass whopping, both sexes can deliver one hell of a punch. It's this dedication to showing the world what a fierce female looks like in a brilliant way that has made me a devoted Tarantino fan for life.
Unfortunately, not all women are fond of QT's affinity for violence and revenge. In fact some insist that his flicks are too over the top, too bloody and too TOO. Luckily most men find the man to be a messiah of movies and appreciate his unique vision. Which brings me to today's list. The good guys over at have compiled an awesome list in honor of Tarantino's most recent film "Inglorious Basterds". Here they are counting down the Top Ten Most Legendary Basterds featured in QT's films. Did you favorite make the list? Sadly my favorite badgirl Gogo Yubari did not make the ranks. However plently of my other faves did including Drexl from the most romantic movie ever "True Romance". Pulp Fiction as a whole faired enormously popular snatching up the top three spots on the list. Peep below for the list in it's entirety:
Ask Men's Top Ten List of
Quentin Tarantino's 10 Most Legendary Basterds
10.) The Bride- Kill Bill
9.) Mr. Blonde (aka Vic Vega)- Reservoir Dogs
8.) Bill (aka Snake Charmer) - Kill Bill
7.) Winston "The Wolf" Wolfe- Pulp Fiction
6.) Bud (aka Sidewinder) - Kill Bill
5.) Drexl - True Romance
4.) Mr. Pink - Reservoir Dogs
3.) Vincent Vega - Pulp Fiction
2.) Mia Wallace - Pulp Fiction
1.) Jules - Pulp Fiction
This post brought to you by the lovely Fabienne, who I secretly wanted to be for the longest. (No lie!! I loved her! Pot bellies, pancakes and oral pleasure!)


Keith said...

Hey there. Great post. I love Tarantino. I hope you've been having a wonderful weekend. Take care. Cheers!

Daners Isadora is Lindsay's Spy Girl Name said...

I agree. This is a kick ass post! We need more Michael Madsen in our lives. Seriously. I adore the crazy ass man and he can only pump out watchable shit while under the wing of QT. Have you seen Bloodrayne? Yeah. HORRIBLE ACTING.

Okay, sorry to go off on a tiny tangent. Anyway. I'd like to give an honorable mention to Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz. from IB. That scene in the bar seals it for me.

Mrs. M. said...

i have to admit, I haven't seen IB yet! I never,ever see movies in the theatre but the minute this one comes out i am snatching it right up.
And you are right, Michael Madsen kicks major ass! He is definitely one of the hardest working men in Hollywood. According to imdb he has FORTY-THREE movies slated for 2009 and 2010 release. Where does he find the time? And do you think he just takes any job that comes his way? Maybe that would explain Bloodrayne.

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