Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rober Pattinson and His Throbbing Cranium do AnOther Man Magazine

sly wh
at is goi
ng on with
the headl
ines fo
r t
his magazine?
If that is AnOther Man's idea of conceptual they need to go back to the drawing board. They also get a big fail for their interview with Robert Pattinson for the Fall/Winter issue. Instead of discussing, oh, I don't know, anything other than Twilight, that seems to be the one thing they want to talk about. In fact, I will save you the time and sum up the interview in two sentences or less: "Robert Pattinson is dreamy and girls want to jump his bones. The End."

I also find it unfathomable that no one on that set had a couple of Advil handy as the boy is clearly suffering from some type of migraine headache. How inconsiderate.


Emily said...

I haven't read the interview, but I probably don't want to. I wish they'd focus on the other work RPattz has done besides Twilight. Like, oh I don't know, Little Ashes?!

Emily said...

I do love that last photo though =)

Daners Isadora is Lindsay's Spy Girl Name said...

It took me forever to figure out what was going on with the font on the cover, and what it said. That shit is annoying!

Mrs. M. said...

Little Ashes!!! Why don't they talk about Little Ashes? If I was playing Salvador Dali in a movie I would be shouting it from the freaking rooftops. Role of a lifetime!

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