Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She's Got Legs (She Knows How to Use 'Em)

I was sitting here trying to come up with some good reason to post these pictures of the magnificent muse Amber Rose with that sad sack boyfriend of hers at the amfAR event yesterday, but sadly I could come up with nothing. Then I remembered that she is Amber Rose, and that is reason enough to talk about her. Only someone of her supreme hotness could get away with wearing black on black on black on black. Interestingly enough though I have never heard her speak. Have you? Are we sure she even can speak? Perhaps her voice is so glorious that hearing it would be like opening a Pandora's Box of vocal awesomeness that would consequently unleash too much goodness upon the world. I bet it can cure famine, disease, and possibly even global warming. I guess it's for the best that she not be heard. Doing so would clearly disrupt the scales balance in the universe, and we wouldn't want that. But I would want those shoes. Possibly those glasses too. And definitely that jacket.


mighty mar said...

If u venture to and search her name she has a interview on there

leahb said...

she has a really trashy voice! i think she's beautiful too, but yeah, youtube 'amber rose interview' and you can listen for yourself. it's kinda shocking.

Mrs. M. said...

oh no now i don't know if i want to! It will totally ruin it for me if she has a trashy voice. Someone so beautiful should have the voice of Mariah Carey or whatever sound heaven makes.

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