Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sienna Miller and Sis Unveil Latest Collection for London Fashion Week

In case you have forgotten, Sienna Miller is a designer now. Then again, who isn't? Hollywood is basically like a giant cesspool of overgrown privileged kindergarten children who think putting on a paper NASA hat makes you an astronaut and calling yourself an artist means you get a show at London Fashion Week. See kids? You don't need to stay in school like mom said. All you need to do is bare your snatch in a couple of movies and next thing you know you are the next Vivienne Westwood. Ain't fame grand?
Seeing as how I loathe Sienna and anyone like her, it is with great regret that I admit I actually like a few of these designs. Just a couple though. For the most part I feel like I'm watching a rerun of early 90's videos on VH1 classics with the sound turned down. Or as if I just jumped in a time machine and am now stuck in 1992 riffling through Bridget Fonda's closet. Here's a good rule of thumb just for future reference: if it was fug then it is fug now. End of subject. Just because you are the only one wearing something doesn't mean that makes it cool. That just means you are so desperate for attention that you will resort to wearing dreadful clothes merely so people know how original and independent you are. In other words we get it Sienna. You're so resourceful and imaginative except your not. I don't know what on God's green Earth could possibly be imaginative about taking designs from 2 decades ago and pretending like they were your idea. You aren't slick, chick! I'm onto your game. And if you're going to steal design ideas, at least make sure they're cute. There's nothing worse than stealing bottom of the barrel ideas. You're becoming like, the Jay Mohr of the fashion world.
Anyway here's the lastest collection from Sienna and her sister's label Twenty8Twelve for London Fashion Week with things that make you go:


Niwa said...

Yuck. They look like something the 90's threw up.

Lady Mel said...

Yea, I wasn't impressed. Its like 80's unoriginal bohemian/punk chic gone recession proof.

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