Thursday, September 17, 2009

Toni Francesc Spring 2010

Tuesday I had the privilege of checking out one of the world's top designers at Bryant Park's Salon for New York Fashion Week. Toni Francesc unveiled his latest collection inspired by the poetry of water, and the result was nothing less than ethereal. As a humble bystander I can tell you, the crowd went bananas for his easy, breezy, beautiful oceanic collection. After so many seasons of hard edges and extreme silouttes, it was refreshing to see the return of the feminine. Soft, billowly fabrics were an ever present theme, presented in a variety of dark blues, rich grays and olive greens. And while others were raving about shell inspired tops and flawless contruction I loved that each piece was easily interchangable. The collection really flowed as a whole (literally and figuratively), and could easily be mixed and matched depending on the occassion. And in this economy that's something fashionistas of all tax brackets can get on board with.
And on a separate note, guess who one of the attendees for the show was? None other than Project Runway season 5 winner Leanne Marshall. This collection was so up her alley. I bet she loved the water nymph makeup the models were rocking.
For those of you interrested in snatching up some of Francesc’s designs before they are all gone, his Spring 2010 collection (as shown below) will be available in the CECE Feinberg Showroom from the 16th ro the 26th of September, located on 336 West 37th Street in NYC. May the fashion force be with you.


Daners Isadora is Lindsay's Spy Girl Name said...

I cannot believe I missed this post! Great pics.

Again, I'm so jealous you went.

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