Monday, September 7, 2009

The Top 20 Sexiest Ugly People List

Do you ever see a star on television and think "Damn, that dude/chick has busted face syndrome but I'd still hit it"? Theres just something about their presence, something about the confidence with which they carry themselves that cancels out all of their physical flaws and makes them undeniably sexy. In honor of those who might be a little less facially fortunate than others, Nerve has created this list of their choices for the top 20 sexiest ugly people around. Now being the type of open minded gal that I am, I'm always up for celebrating different types of beauty and love to challenge the typical idea of what sexy should be. (Especially seeing how the word varies greatly depending on who you're talkng to.) However (and this is a big however), I have got to put my foot down for their number one selection of Keith Richards as the sessiest in all the land. Land of the dead maybe, but land of the living? No. Big no. I mean come on, not only does the guy look like he's melting and he probably smells like a witch's cauldron. In short, he scares me.
On a positive note, I think the rest of this list is pretty darn fair. Except for Mickey Rourke who my mother is absolutely in love with and whom I have been forbidden of speaking ill of lest I want to lose a limb. In fact the only thing I would change about this list would be to remove the hot and lustworthy Tilda Swinton, and move Paul Giamatti higher on that list. Bitch can work it when he wants to. His roles normally just dictate otherwise. Besides, he is an amazing actor-definitely one of the most underated of our time. And if you ask me that has to count for something.
Anyhow, here is the list for your reading enjoyment. Tell me, do you agree with the selections or non?

Top 20
20. Daisy De La Hoya (lol! lol!)
19. Danny McBride
18. Amanda Lepore
17. Marilyn Manson
16. Amy Winehouse (at least she's talented)
15. Biz Markie
14. Ric Ocasek
13. Danny Trejo
12. John C. Reilly (I approve)
11. Woody Allen (I would rather get dragged 20 miles by a ricketty trash truck)
10. Howard Stern (I would rather shove rusty nails in my ears)
9. Willem Dafoe (not ugly, just different)
8. Steve Buscemi
7. Tilda Swinton
6. Iggy Pop
5. Paul Giamatti (also approve)
4. Courtney Love
3. Mickey Rourke
2. Sandra Bernhard
1. Keith Richards


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