Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two Beautiful People Have a Baby

One of the most beautiful couples in the universe, Taye Diggs and his wife Idina Menzel are now the proud owners of a brand new babay boy. The couple, who married on 2003 after 7 years of dating, welcomed little Walker Nathaniel Diggs into this cruel, cruel world yesterday. Mother and baby are said to be doing fine.
Now I know that these two are rarely talked about because they live a boring and responsible life, but I figured the birth of a kid to two stable, sane actors was worth mentioning. Whether it's marriage, a baby, an affair, or a regular romance most actors jump on with both feet, giving no regards to consequences. In fact most are willing to risk all in their personal lives for a little bit of press. They'll sell out their children, their spouses, their friends and family all to make the cover of Star magazine. Taye and Idina on the other hand, well they really know how to keep their personal lives seperate and I respect that. Sure they make not make the cover of any gossip rags, but when you hear their names it's always attached to something positive. So I say congrats to the elated couple! They are two true class acts and deserve all the happiness in the world.


Keith said...

Congrats to them. I wish them the best.

susankatzmiller said...

Yes, I like your take on this happy news! Read mine at

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