Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who Is She Talking To? That Phone Isn't Even Plugged In

So...our favorite bag of bones Victoria Beckham recently did an interview and photoshoot for the latest issue of Elle. Basically the whole thing was chock full of lies, as demonstrated in this absolutely ridiculous quote: "Would I think twice about buying a dress that costs $2,000? Yeah! Of course I would. I’d try it on and go home and think about it before I bought it." The fibs! The deception! The deceit! How can one tiny person possibly tell such a tall tale? Then again I suppose she might very well calculate the frugality of such a purchase. The only question that remains is which home she goes to in order to contemplate their finances. Their London home so massive it's been dubbed "Beckingham Palace"? Their summer home in Northern Ireland? Their $5.8 million dollar house in Thailand? Or perhaps their cozy little $22 million compund in Bev Hills? Who knows, who cares.
Anyway here are some other highlights of the interview including her thoughts on being seperated from husband David, living in Los Angeles, and her infamous personal style of dress:

On being perceived as a cold person:
“People think I’m a moody bitch. I do have my insecurities. Maybe that is why I look a little bit serious. The kind of person who’s going to stand on the red carpet and love the attention and have the big grin—I’m just not like that. I want to get in there, do what I’ve got to do, and get
home to my kids.”
On adjusting to life in America:
“You know, I love America. It’s such a positive country. When people say to me, ‘How long did it take for you to adjust? Poor you, it must’ve been really difficult’ – poor me? I’m living in
Beverly Hills. I’m very, very lucky. I wake up every morning and I recognize that I’m blessed.”
On being separated from husband David Beckham for six months while he was playing soccer in Milan:
“I felt like someone had chopped my arm off, to be completely honest. Everything we do, we do together. I very rarely go out on my own, unless it’s a work commitment.”
On keeping herself busy with TV while David was away:
“I’ve done Nip/Tuck, Brothers & Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice. Then I got into Gossip Girl. I’m beyond obsessed with that show.”
On the Los Angeles style of dress:
“I find it odd that people will go to a nice restaurant or to theater in jeans and
T-shirts. You know, it’s great, David loves it. But it’s very different to my personal style.”
On her ever changing personal style:
“There are celebrities who always look great, always look pretty, but it’s always the same
hair, the same makeup, and I find that quite boring. I want to change it up, do something really creative. I think that might be why women like me.”

I suppose she looks hot in these pics. Well, as hot as a souless cyborg can look.

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Keith said...

LOL You really crack me up. Posh is definitely something else to behold.

Mrs. M. said...

she's like some sort of character from a movie that doesn't know she's a character. Like that movie "Enchanted" lol

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