Friday, October 30, 2009

The 50 Best Dressed Stars of 2009

No matter what your personal style there is no denying it: 2009 was an exciting year for fashion. Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this new depression was the revival of vintage clothes and the acceptance of pretty much everything as style. 2009 was the year in which anything (and I mean anything) goes. Pioneers like Lady GaGa and Rihanna made it perfecly acceptable to wear either nothing or everything on the red carpet. Bubbles, masks, duct tape, a smile, it didn't matter what you were wearing it so long as you wore it well.
Seeing as how there was so much riff raff and fiddle faddle in the fashion world to search through it's a good thing the awesome people at zimbio created this amazing list of the
50 Best Dressed Stars of 2009 including some new fashion faves including January Jones, Diane Kruger and Amanda Sefried. Click on the names below to see geat examples of why these celebs were hailed as best dressed, and as always feel free to share your thoughts. I love hearing your opinions on these things.
Full List In No Particular Order:
Kate Hudson
Demi Moore
Drew Barrymore
Cameron Diaz
Leslie Mann
January Jones
Kate Bosworth
Emily Blunt
Elizabeth Banks
Rose Byrne
Zoe Saldana
Amanda Seyfried
Thandie Newton
Anne Hathaway
Amy Adams
Carine Roitfeld
Emma Watson
Jordana Brewster
Tina Fey
Michelle Obama
Blake Lively
AnnaLynne McCord
Megan Fox
Kim Kardashian
Eva Longoria Parker
Beyonce Knowles
Carrie Underwood
Lenny Kravitz
Zac Efron
Taylor Swift
Miley Cyrus
Vanessa Hudgens
Camilla Belle
Kate Moss
Leighton Meester
Alexa Chung
Victoria Beckham
Dita Von Teese
Cate Blanchett
Jennifer Connelly
Angelina Jolie
Charlize Theron
Marisa Tomei
Marion Cotillard
Diane Kruger
Liv Tyler
Freida Pinto
Heidi Klum


Anonymous said...

what about MK & AShley??

LadyGaga said...

Kelly, read my Halloween story on my blog :D

Mrs. M. said...

good question anon! Theyshould definitely be on there as should Lady Gaga.
And i definitely will Lady G thanks for the heads up!

Keith said...

Great list of women. There are others I would have added though.

The Hunter said...

I am in love with Cheryl Cole at the moment!

Lady G needs a mention!

The Hunter xxx

Stephanie said...

I love Emily Blunt. She has such a unique style. But what is going on with the Rihanna hair. She dresses so great, but I wished she would do something different to her hair.

Anonymous said...

Nice list! I would've included Kate Winslet to mine though...

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