Saturday, October 17, 2009

The 50 Sexiest Male Movie Stars of All Time

The other day I unveiled a newly minted list for you detailing Empire's choices for the 50 sexiest female movie stars of all time. Today I'm droppping the other half of the list which includes (you guessed it) the sexiest male movie stars of all time. Much like the ladies, the male list is fairly predictable. The dreamy, dreamy dreamboats of yesteryear such as James Dean, Paul Newman and Cary Grant all make appearances as do their modern equivalents such as Will Smith, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. Like the women's list though there is an apparent lack of diversity. I mean seriously, doesn't anyone find it bazaar that out of allllll the non-white hot dudes only one makes the list? Only one! And it's Will Smith who is such a big star that he practically doesn't even count. And he's listed at number 22 despite being one of the most lusted after men in Hollywood by both women and studio execs. So what gives? And come on-no Djimon Honsou? You cannot mention hotness in movies without thinking of his ass. Or Don Cheadle. Or Taye Diggs. He's sexy and smart. OR (and this is a biggie you guys when I thought of it I was shocked) where is Denzel?!? Sure he's not my thing (old enough to be my father!) but women over the world have been going absolutely gaga for him for decades. Just think about it: how many times have you ever heard a woman either on the television or in person talking about the powers of Denzel? Why, if I had a nickel for every time I heard some chick say he shivered her timbers I would be a billionaire many times over. I mean come on Empire. At the very least he is hotter than Taylor Lautner, who is still a child and can't even vote making grown people deeming him as sexy borderline pedo and pretty freaking creepy. Oh well. It is just a list about sexy. I should probably chill. Then again I take the sexy very seriously. Hotness is no laughing matter.
Anyway here's the list in it's entirety
50. Channing Tatum
49. Shia LaBeouf
48. Keanu Reeves
47. Jensen Ackles
46. James Franco
45. Cary Grant
44. Chris Evans
43. Tom Cruise
42. Antonio Banderas
41. Chris Pine
40. Colin Farrell
39. Zachary Quinto
38. Ben Barnes
37. Daniel Radcliffe
36. Kellan Lutz
35. Taylor Lautner
34. Jude Law
33. Harrison Ford
32. Bradley Cooper
31. Gael Garcia Bernal (hells yes)
30. Sean Connery
29. Ewan McGregor
28. James Dean
27. Clive Owen
26. Marlon Brando
25. Sam Worthington
24. Jason Isaacs
23. Will Smith
22. Matt Damon
21. Leonardo DiCaprio
20. Sean Bean
19. Eric Bana
18. Orlando Bloom
17. Paul Newman
16. Jake Gyllenhaal
15. Zac Efron
14. Heath Ledger
13. Viggo Mortensen
12. Daniel Craig
11. Ryan Reynolds
10. Gerard Butler
9. James McAvoy
8. Alan Rickman
7. Tears of a Clooney
6. Hugh Jackman
5. Freaky Bitch Bale
4. Brad Pitt
3. Robert Downey Jr. (recount! Should be #1!)
2. Robert Pattinson
1. Johnny Depp
My honorable mention: Justin Theroux.


Stephanie said...

Oh, I am a James Dean kind of girl. I love him. I used to have his poster on my wall back when I was in high school. He is gorgeous. :)

leahb said...

noooooo way too many older actors missing! too many new actors ranked way too high! i've always thought jimmy stewart was the sexiest actor of all time. :]

Ashley said...

I agree Robert Downey Jr. should be #1!! I've loved him since his Ally McBeal days, when I was like 7 years old, lol! He's really ridiculously good looking and an amazing actor!


Keith said...

It seems like there are definitely guys on this list that shouldn't be. There are also guys that should have been up here and aren't.

Mrs. M. said...

i agree with you guys-where are the older actors? As if most of these younger guys are going to be remembered in another 20 years. Sexiness isn't just about who is hot right now, it's about charisma which most of these dudes lack! Now Robert Downey Jr., that's a modern man I would rank next to James Dean.

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