Friday, October 2, 2009

Ali Larter Sees Red

Ok, ok before you start throwing stones at the gorgeous Ali Larter for royally effing up her hair let me assure you that the lock change is for a movie. The "Heroes" actress debuted her new red hair yesterday in preperation for "Resident Evil: Afterlife" in which she reprises her role as Claire Redfield, an ass kicking convoy leader set out save her fellow humans after the deadly T-virus breaks out. You know what I find most amusing about that story? That Claire is in the middle of the desert, struggling to survive and provide food and shelter for her people, but yet she managed to find a CVS that sold Garnier hair dye in Magenta AND a shower with actual running water to rinse the formula out. Screw saving humanity. Finding working pipes after the city has cut off all power is the real feat here.
Oh, and the ginger army continues to grow. Today, Ali Larter. Tomorrow, the world!


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