Saturday, October 24, 2009

Anne Hathaway is Hip Like Junk

Aw! Just look at Anne Hathaway and her beau hanging out in the East Village yesterday. Why, they could not be one ounce more hipster unless they were playing Death Cab for Cutie covers on the bongos in Ray Bans and turtlenecks on "It's On with Alexa Chung" while simultaneously protesting the war and thinking about sexing up Zachary Quinto. I wonder if Anne and friend planned those outfits. What am I saying? Of course they did! They probably spent a cool 45 minutes tossing hoodies, cornpipe hats and manufactured holey boyfriend jeans around their sprawling loft, dismissing items as too rich and not enough "like the commonfolk". Or in simpler terms, merely asking themselves "WWNMD?" What Would Nylon Magazine Do?!?
Sigh, as much as I hate (loathe, abhor, despise) the term hipster, it pains me to think that I might actually fall under such a category. I shed that label and reject it like all others, refusing to be put in some gross little box marked anything. However, ironically enough it's the hipsters that deny being hipsters that are the biggest cliches of all! So in fact if you deny being a hipster, you most likely are one. But if you brush it off, don't care about it and reason that labels are meaningless and forgetable, then you really are a hipster. I know, I know, isn't that deduction dizzying?
In case you still don't get it, allow me to share a quote by writer Chuck Klosterman on how to tell the difference between hipsters and the homeless. "Well, it's like this. You used to be able to tell the difference between hipsters and homeless people. Now, it's between hipsters and *mentally handicapped*. I mean, either that guy in the corner in orange safety pants holding a protest sign and wearing a top hat is mentally disabled or he is the coolest fucking guy you will ever know." I swear to God, I want to punch my own self in the face for agreeing with that statement.
Anyway here's more of Anne looking like a tragiclly hip Joe Cool.

I also stumbled upon this video. It's kind of long, but it made me lol. Hipster Olympics-the laziest effing thing eva.

This post brought to you by a teenage Mrs. M, lame and pimping the 45 degree slack tongue head tilt with a bilateral arm crossing pattern since conception.


Couture Carrie said...

Your description of Anne is high-larious!!
Fab post, darling!


Carsi said...

your description is dead on, the old pics are adorable btw :-)

Annie said...

your posts make me laugh :)
great post!

love annie <3.


you are heeheelarious!
Cheers to our weekend~

Keith said...

Such a great post. I totally know what you mean. You really make me laugh.

Missy said...

Ha love this post!

For all things fashion:

Mrs. M. said...

thanks Missy! Great blog by the way. i just checked it out and you've picked out some really great fashion finds!

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