Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ashlee Simpson Celebrates in Style

Normally I am not a big fan of Ashlee Simpson's clothing or career choices, but darned if she didn't look cute as hell yesterday celebrating her 25th birthday. The soon to be ex "Melrose Place" star (yes, the show is on the verge of getting cancelled already) held a birthday bash at Wet Republic for a few close friends and family including sis Jessica and husband Pete Wentz. Ashlee looked as good as she seemed to feel in a cute one piece jumper paired with a pile of gold bangles and some ubercute Christian Louboutin leopard print peep toe wedges. I do wish Ashlee would get rid of that ridiculous hat though. Yes I realize it has come to be her signature piece but you will never convince me that a cornpipe hat, button nose, Frosty inspired fug ass Fedora is in vogue. I don't care how many Hollywood dames wear it, it is and will always make me want to begin a rousing rendition of "If I Only Had a Brain".
Anyway here are some pics from Ashlee's party yesterday. What a ham and a half.
Oh, and how do we think Jessica looks? Good, no?


Carsi said...

I totally agree she generally gets on my nerves but this is actually a cute outfit choice

LadyGaga said...

why and how is she famous? O.o

Keith said...

Great photos. She does look fantastic here. I didn't know Melrose Place was doing so bad.

Mrs. M. said...

They should have never, ever bothered with another Melrose Place. There is no duplicating the orignal. Besides if a new generation wants to get in on it they should just rent the dvds.

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