Monday, October 19, 2009

The Best and Worst Dressed from the 2009 Spike Scream Awards

I'll admit it: I am a huge horror fan. From oldies but goodies like the "Halloween" franchise to international flicks like "Bloody Reunion" and "Three...Extremes" to younger emerging U.S. directors like James Wan there is no denying it. When it comes to a good fright I am all in. And evidently so is Spike, because every year fans of the newtwork honor the genre as well as the best in sci-fi, fantasy and com with their spooktastic Scream Awards. Although the actual show is not scheduled to air until the 27th of October, they actually held the award show the other day. And while I won't ruin it by throwing any spoilers at you, I can offer you up the fab and fug fashions from the evening. So here it is, hot off the presses, the best and worst dressed from Spike's 2009 Scream Awards
Best Dressed: Isabel Lucas

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Carpenter

Worst Dressed: (Duh) Jaime King

Dishonorable Mention: Katie Sackoff who obviously thinks it's 1994 and probably worships "Chumbawumba"

Best Use of Color: Olivia Munn

Most Understated, Elegant and Demure: This plus one

Hottest Man Not Only On the Red Carpet, But in the History of the World: Stan Lee!

Best Hair: This lady

Worst Hair: Jaime King and her supersonic 'do

Cutest Couple: The Amazing Races' Kynt and Vyxsin

The Rest:


sexylegsandbody said...

Great post, great pics, my first time on your blog, love it!! I love your header, looks mega cool.
Have a wonderful week.

Emily said...

*sigh* Jennifer Carpenter annoys the shit out of me, but she does look hot here.

Oh and off-topic but all of the slacker chic votes are tied! Hahaha... =)

Annie said...

anything leopard always wins :D
love this post!

love annie <3

Keith said...

Thanks for sharing these with us. Very awesome. Some beautiful ladies there. I love horror movies. I've been a fan since I was a kid. I'm actually doing Halloween posts starting this Wed. on both my blogs.

Mrs. M. said...

ooh I can't wait Keith! Halloween was always such a big deal at my house so I love anything and everything related to that holiday.
And I agree Emily-I love Dexter but Jennifer Carpeter is annoying as hell.

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