Saturday, October 10, 2009

Claudia Schiffer is the Hunter and Hunted in Harper's Bazaar

With Halloween rapidly approaching I thought you guys might be able to use a festive, fashionable fright in the form of a spooky spread featuring Claudia Schiffer. In this pulp fiction inspired editorial for UK Harper's Bazaar, Schiffer poses as a damsel in distress who set out to hunt a killer but wound up being the prey. I lovelovelove the whole theme and really applaud photographers the Chapman Brothers for thinking outside of the box. As a big horror fan I can definitely appreciate their tribute to an older era of that genre. In fact these pictures remind me so much of the old Agatha Christie and Hitchcock novels my grandmother used to get. And as always Claudia has done an amazing job of channeling the look and feel of the shoot. Then again that's probably why they call her a "Supermodel".


Keith said...

Hey there. I hope you've been enjoying the weekend. I've given your blog an award on my Sugar & Spice blog. It's in my latest post. Your blog is awesome. Cheers!

Mrs. M. said...

thanks Keith! You are simply the best. better than all the rest. And Sugar & Spice is one of my all time faves.

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