Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Diane Kruger in Marie Claire Spain

I tell you what, if I were Diane Kruger I would get on the phone with Cherry Moon Farms immediately and send every single muffin basket they had in stock to Quentin Tarantino. Not that Diane isn't talented in her own right. After all, she did star in blockbusters like "National Treasure" and "Troy" where she played a woman with so much beauty battles were fought in her honor. However it wasn't until her turn in Tarantino's recent flick "Inglorious Basterds" that the actress started turning up everywhere. Suddenly she's either on the cover of or at least featured inside of every major entertainment magazine this side of the sun. And good for her. It's nice to see a classy, well-mannered actress get rewarded for a change. She's adorable as all get out and she manages to keep her private life with boyfriend Joshua Jackson (of "Fringe"-love that show) private for the most part. I'm not necessarily sure that I love Diane's deer in the headlights expression in some of these pics, but I surely do love the girl.

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Keith said...

She looks incredible. She's very beautiful. These are great photos.

Annie said...

she's so pretty,
and i love her shorts!

love annie <3

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