Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hot or Not: Eva Longoria and Tony Parker for London Fog

Imma say hot! I know a lot of ladies are not that fond of Eva, but she is hands down, by far my favorite Desperate Housewife (yes I have a fave-I love that show!) She has great comedic timing and is such a cute little spitfire, therefore it should come as no suprise that I adore these brand new ads featuring the actress for clothing brand London Fog.
In the past Evahas worked as a spokesmodel for several big name brands such as Bebe Sport and L'Oreal (who she is currently still under contract with). However, this is the first time Eva has been featured in ads with her hubby. And while he is clearly doing his best Blue Steel in these shots, I'd say he has a ways to go before he has mastered the art of the pose like his wife. Don't worry, Tony. A couple of hours in front of the tv watching ANTM reruns and you will be smiling with those eyes in no time.


Keith said...

I think these are hot photos. They make a great couple.

LadyGaga said...

I know that Eva runs the pants in that relationship. lol.

Kelly, how do you get multiple photos in each post? :D

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