Thursday, October 8, 2009

I See Something Itchy in South Africa's Future

Even someone who has country pride to spare would admit that Kim Kardashian becoming a global phenonmenon is not exactly America's finest hour. I know that we may love to point the finger and play the blame game, but even the biggest flag waver would probably see these photos of Kim K in South African FHM, hang their head in shame and mutter "my bad". We allowed this vapid, waste of space to become famous for fucking on tape and now look what's happened. The rest of the world has looked at that and thought "Hell, if they like her there must be something to the hype." Unfortunately there is not, nor will there probably ever be. And if you think I'm being too mean I just want you to really reflect for a minute on why this biatch is famous. What has she done to constitute her level of fame? And I'm not talking about taking it from behind or airing your dirty laundry for a faux reality show. I want a certified talent to describe why I know her name. I realize asking you to do this is like asking those Buddhist monks to reflect on one of those "If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it..." questions, but consider it an excercise for your brain. It needs it after laying eyes upon a Kardashian. Even being exposed to them is thought to shrink your IQ by roughly 5%.
All that being said, she is pretty once you wipe all that digusting gunk off her face. And also after removing the makeup too.


Keith said...

We have so many celebs today who are only famous for being on a reality tv show. They've never shown any talent for doing music, film, etc.

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