Monday, October 19, 2009

Jaime King Does Not Look Good

So there I was, rumaging through pictures for an upcoming post on the Spike Scream Awards when suddenly I stumble upon these pictures of a very, very emaciated looking Jaime King. She went from this:

To this!:

What the hell happened?!? Now she just looks like she stumbed out of a coffin after having her hair and post mortem dress ravaged by a mob of angry cockroaches. I mean honestly, do these girls think this is a good look? Back when Jaime did Sin City and Bulletproof Monk I would often confuse her with My Name is Earl star Jamie Pressley, however I do not see that as being much of a problem now that Jamie looks like she just finished reinacting Christian Bale's performance in
Rescue Dawn.
Also on a completely unrelated note the word "Jaime" gets wierder and wierder everytime I type it. Try it-you'll see!


Keith said...

Yikes! She doesn't look good at all. What happened to her!?!

It's not up yet, but definitely make sure you check out my Tuesday post on The Dino Lounge. I've given you an award.

Mrs. M. said...

idk but someone needs to start secretly sipping some weight gain formula into her water STAT! She was always a thin girl i do not know what would make her want to change her appearance. She was so hot before!
And i definitely will check it out Keith. Thank you so much!

Stephanie said...

The before picture she was gorgeous, but what the heck happened. :(

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