Saturday, October 24, 2009

January Jones' Smoking Outtakes from GQ

The other day I posted some great film noir inspired photos of Mad Men's January Jones
in the latest issue of GQ magazine, but today I have the rest of the set that were just released by the mag. If you'd like to read some highlights from the article, simply click the link above. However if you're more into pop-ups than Nietchze, feel free to simply stick around and stare at JJ's beauty. And I tell you, the girl gets more beautiful the longer you look at her. Perhaps what I like best about JJ is that as an actress she can be emotionless, cold as ice, steely and straight robotic sexy. She'll seduce you, rip your heart out while it's still beating, stomp on it with her stillettos and watch with boredom as you slowly die. On the other hand, she can seem incredibly warm, melting everyone around her with a quick smile. Any lady that can play both sides of the fence so flawlessly definitely gets my attention. But the question remains: does she get yours?


Carsi said...

She's flawless as usual.

That sucks about having to move to LA, hopefully it won't be too tough a transition and you'll be able to find some open minded people, but at least you'll be w/ your husband. My cousin (who's more like a brother to me) is a reservist and is probably heading to Afghanistan in the spring. Good Luck in LA even though they don't deserve you.

Ash Fox said...

she is so sexy here. it's nice to see what she looks like underneath the thick 60's clothing.

Annie said...

man, she's pretty!
some great photoshoots!

love annie <3.

Keith said...

These are so amazing. I love them all. January is so beautiful. Great photos. Thanks for sharing with us.

Mrs. M. said...

Thanks so much Carsi! And my thoughts will definitely be with your cousin in the upcoming months.
And i agree Ash-she's buried behind so many layers it's hard to remember she's got such body under all that fabric! It's also good to see her smile because she so rarely has an opportunity to on Mad Men.

Stephanie said...

She is so gorgeous in these pics. My brother Keith over at the Dino Lounge let me read his new GQ and she looks fabulous in those pics. :) What a great article and great pics.

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