Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jessica Simpson is Silencing the Hater Inside of Me

I'll be the first to admit, I am not really a fan of Jessica Simpson. Granted I don't want to see her get pushed from a tall rooftop like a lot of her critics do, but I'm not exactly rushing out to see her films either (nor is anyone else, sadly). What I will say though is she has a pretty sweet style, and usually looks pretty fly. Case in point, the paps spotted the singer looking very stylish at LAX yesterday returning from her recent trip to Mumbai, India where she was filming her new VH1 reality TV show, The Price Of Beauty. Jessica looked supercute in a heathered v-neck tee, a purple plaid shirt and some fierce black boots. But it wasn't her sky high stillettos or smashing silver bag that really got my attention. Instead it was her ah-maze-ing henna tattoo she got while in Mumbai. If you click on the smaller pics below you can see the artwork in detail and it's really quite gorgeous. I have always thought henna tattoos were pretty and feminine. Even if you get one done and are unhappy with the results they wash off in a few trips to the shower. In fact, these pics got me thinking about what great holiday gifts henna kits make. Back when I did bellydancing my mom used to get them for me and I always found it to be a really cool gift. Unlike clothes there's no right or wrong size. Besides I don't know about you but I find the best gifts to be ones that involve learning or trying something new and fun. Henna is an excellent way to express yourself artistically that does not involve laser removal and regret in the future. (And in case you're interrested you can check out some different ones
here here or here)
Anyway here are some pics of Jess and her dope henna tattoo at LAX and while kicking it in Mumbai the other day. Now if you will excuse me, Rick Astley just came on the radio, and now I'm too busy rick rolling. You likey I rickroll you too?
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The Haute-Shopper said...

Although I don't think she's the most talented person out there, I never really minded Jessica Simpson. She is attractive and knows how to dress well enough (her sis on the other hand annoys me way more). Henna tattoos can be pretty amazing, you just need to be careful you get someone who knows what he's doing. Once, when I was in Egypt, one of the tourists actually got 2nd degree burns because they'd screwed up the mixture and ended up burning her hand with it.

Keith said...

I think she's beautiful and stylish. Not a fan of her music or movies. I sure wouldn't throw her out of bed. lol

Scandalous Housewife said...

Nope. Can't go so far as to give JS props. I can only go with "she doesn't suck as much as usual".

Mrs. M. said...

oh my gosh that is a horrible horror story Haute! i bet Egypt was a gorgeous place to visit though. All henna burning tats aside. At least you didn't get one i guess.

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