Friday, October 16, 2009

Jude Law Models for Martini, Dunhill Collections

Ask most women what they think of Jude Law and chances are you'd be likely to get several conflicting sentiments. Half the female population finds Mr. Law to be dreamy, delightful and a modern day Cary Grant. Ask the other half how they feel about him and odds are you'll hear adjectives like "selfish", "womanizer" and "creep". Much like the handsome yet cumbersome charasmatic characters he portrays on screen Jude seems to be the type of guy that can't help but sabatoge himself. Why else would he cheat on his smoking wives and girlfriends and have babies out of wedlock with women whose first names he can't remember?
Regardless Martini decided to take a chance on Jude a while ago and hire him as the face of their latest campaigns. The previous ads harked back to a time that Jude is often associated-you know, when men dressed like movie stars and used words and phrases like "babe", "damn" and "Now you listen here!" with recklace abandon. However these latest shots seem to indicate that the brand is trying their hand at a different, more modern approach. They have steered largely away from the black and white, Bond-esque shots they used in the past and instead went for a more relaxed, residential approach. You know, just a good ol boy sitting around in a leather armchair chatting about books and bonds and football. Personally I do not like it. When I think Martini I think of the Rat Pack, suits with a loosened tie, and a gingerly played piano-not a tree made up of a bunch of emaciated tree women that are too famished to cross a shallow, man-made pond and snatch that glass out from Jude's hand. I mean for God's sake, there are ten of them. If they wanted to they could have the whole bottle. Bunch of lazy SOB's. lol.
Anyway what do you guys think of this new direction for the campaign? Is it modern and enticing or should Martini have gone back to basics? I've also added some fairly recent pics of Jude modeling for clothing brand Dunhill Collections. I may hate the man, but I still love Gattaca.
New campaign:

Old campaign:

Dunhill Collections Campaign


Keith said...

My opinion on him changes all the time. These are really cool though. I like them a lot.

LadyGaga said...

You know he is a womanizer, kind of hot though. =)

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