Monday, October 19, 2009

Kate Hudson is Fit and Foxy

Damn Kate Hudson looks incredible! The mother of one was spotted leaving the gym yesterday looking as tough and as toned as ever in a pair of knee length capris and a black sports bra. The actress did not appear to be happy to have her picture taken although I do not know why. If I had her body I would be running around in the middle of my neighborhood in nothing more than a bathing suit (and shoes, of course) screaming "Look at meeee! I am so hot! Thank the good Lord I am fly!" at the loudest possible decible my voice could muster. In fact, a couple of years ago I used to be a little bit more buff than Kate in these pictures, and you honestly do not know how much personal restraint it took to not ask strangers if they would like to do their laundry on my stomach. Hey, when you got it you better use it, because it's not going to be there forever.
Anyway here are some more pics of a super fit (if not slightly angry) looking Kate. Feel free to either drool or paste these pics to your refridgerator wall for the next time you feel tempted to indugle in a little late night binging.


Stephanie said...

Good Lord. Look how flat her stomach is.

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